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Day 1: Now We’re Cooking!

Exercise: Crossfit
Food: Sweet Potato and Sausage Hash, Green Salad with Tunafish, Balsamic Chicken with Veggies, tears


Day one is in the books! Well, nearly. We still have to get through our nightly binge watch of “Game of Thrones.” That would normally be the time when the snacks and beer and wine would come out. Something about dragons just makes me want to indulge!

I started the day by making a sweet potato hash breakfast. It came out really nice but it was a lot more work than I’m used to putting into breakfast. As a result, I ate a little bit later than I would have liked, and went to the gym smelling like onions.

Today’s workout was a good mix of strength (deadlifts, goblet squats) and cardio (rowing, jumping rope, doing box jumps, trying not to pee while jumping). I felt like my hearty breakfast was more than adequate to push through.  I’ve also connected with a few people at our box (which is what Crossfitters call the gym. I dunno.) who are doing or have done the Whole 30 so I look forward to the extra layer of accountability.

I had lunch around 12:30 which is later than I would have before. Knowing that the Whole 30 discourages snacking made me much more conscious of my meal timing. I made a green salad with veggies and tuna salad on top. I was feeling pretty good until about 3pm, when I was doing one of my 3,000 pantry runs to get snacks for my son. I really wanted to grab something for myself. But I was saved by mommy’s littler helper- La Croix.

Dinner was a dish I’ve made before — chicken thighs and veggies tossed in balsamic and olive oil and roasted. I used to serve over rice or cous cous. Tonight I used cauliflower rice and made a side salad with some compliant dressing. And then I washed dishes for 17 hours.

So…takeaways from today: doing more prep in the form of chopping veggies will be helpful; sweet potatoes rock (I used 200% more sweet potatoes today than ever before); I can do 40 goblet squats without puking; I need to buy more food, already.

Uncategorized, Whole30 Journey

January 1, 2018

Exercise: Crossfit
Food: All the things

It may be the first day of the New Year, but it’s also the last day of eating whatever I want. Or rather, crap. My husband and I are officially embarking on the Whole30 plan tomorrow. For the next 30 days, we won’t eat sugar, gluten, dairy or legumes. Farewell bread, wine, and cheese. We dedicated today to recovering from last night (yep, we stayed up until 9!) and doing some shopping and meal prep. I bought the whole produce section at the shiny new Whole Foods 365. I can already taste the sadness.

To get in the spirit of our healthier lifestyle, I started my day with a special New Year WOD at Crossfit. (WOD is just a grosser, quicker way of saying “Workout of the Day.”) We had to do a million “Man-Makers” which make burpees seem like fun. We also did some sets of bench press, and I mostly like that lift because it gives me context to legitimately ask someone “What do ya bench?”

So tonight we’ll heat up the last of the taquitos, finish the open bottles of wine, and go to sleep dreaming of ghee and sweet potatoes. Tomorrow, it’s the start of a new way of eating. I’m excited for the challenge, although a little nervous about all the planning and cooking it will require.